We invite you to Insight Summit 2014

PR Film.cz has become a partner of the research event of the year.

On June 5th, Insight Summit 2014 will be held in KC City in Prague, organized by the Association of Market Research and Public Opinion Agencies SIMAR. If you want to learn how to use neuroscience for market research, how radar technology helps increase product sales or category, or about testing bid concepts in a virtual restaurant, do not hesitate to sign up for Insight Summit here.

Besides PR Film.cz the partners of the conference are Staropramen a University of Economics Prague - Department of Marketing. The media partner is Marketing Sales Media.

Members of the SIMAR association, which organize the Insight Summit, are agencies: CONFESS Research, GfK Czech, INCOMA GfK, IPSOS, MEDIAN, MEDIARESEARCH, Millward Brown, NMS Market Research, OPINION WINDOW, PPM Factum Research, STEM/MARK a TNS Aisa.