Our team

A long time ago only two of us started this company. Today there are up to 50 members of the crew on some of our projects all following a singe goal – to create the best video for your product or service.

Jiří Fejtek

Video Content Producer

Jiří is in charge of running the company and also the production of our videos. He participates on the creative idea and creates the vison and puts together a team, that will bring it to life. He is the co-founder of PR Film.cz

Jaroslav Balík

Creative Director

Jaroslav is the creative mind behind our projects and he supervises our high standard in quality. He works as a director of our videos and leading animator especially on 3D animations. He is the co-founder of PR Film.cz

Marta Zamrazilová

Lead 2D Animator

Marta‘s main field is creation of 2D animations. She participated on many projects for czech as well as foreign clients.

Lukáš Kába

Lead Illustrator

Lukáš is our leading illustrator. He creates concept art and illustrations for our 2D and 3D animations.

Matěj Brothánek

Head of Cinematography Department

Matěj is the main director of photography in PR Film.cz and he shoots most of our videos. His career already includes full lenght feature film and cooperation on several TV series.

Petr Nikodém

Sound Engineer

Petr‘s job as a sound designer is to look after the audio component of our work including the music dramaturgy.

Jerguš Mura

Client Service

Jerguš takes care of our clients abroad and also seeks new business opportunities mainly in the USA and Great Britain.

David Kučera

Data Wrangler

David takes care of all our data during shooting and in editing rooms and animation workstations. He also works as the camera assistant on our productions.

Our services:

Film production

We create commercials and videos for Internet and TV. We provide complete production service for foreign film crews in Czech Republic.


We create animated commercials in 2D and 3D, sponsorship adds and explainer animations in which we count as pioneers in the industry in Czech Republic.

Recording studio

We record voiceovers for commercials and radio in our own recording studio. We have extensive online voiceover casting in many languages.

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